The 12 Most Dangerous Mistakes You Can Make With Your Pool

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Owning a swimming pool can be awesome. It’s also an awesome responsibility, as open-standing water of any kind is a potential safety hazard. Anyone can slip and fall on the pool deck and end up in the water. Pets and wildlife can also slip into pools and be unable to find their way out. Additionally,

How to Get Rid of Pollen in your Pool (and other Small Debris)

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Based on 10,000 gallons (37,855 L) Overview Pollen floats on the surface of the water during springtime, and it is not something chlorine can easily oxidize and remove. It is also notoriously difficult to filter out in skimmer pools because pollen floats on the surface and may not get pulled down into skimmers. This procedure

Lea Frederick Earns PHTA Certified Master Pool Builder and Design Professional Certification

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Lea Frederick, owner and design specialist of Vue Custom Pools, has earned the Certified Master Pool Builder and Design Professional (MCBP) certification. She joins a community of current Certified Pool Builders (CBP) who aspire to higher standards of practice in the pool and hot tub profession. The Certified Master Pool Builder and Design Professional is

5 Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Remodeling

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A swimming pool can be a great, life-enhancing addition to your backyard; it could even boost your home’s market worth (if it’s a common amenity among the houses in your neighborhood). However, pools aren’t all fun and Marco Polo games: They require upkeep and careful maintenance. And even with that, they eventually get old, wear

Vue Custom Pools Wins Bronze PHTA Award of Excellence

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Vue Custom Pools is proud to announce that they are the winner of a 2021 PHTA Award of Excellence. Vue won a bronze award in the Traditional Category for their Burlington project "Sleek Lakeside Lap Pool for the Serious Swimmer." PHTA’s International Awards of Excellence program is one of the largest, most well-renowned design competitions

End of Pool Season: Pool Winterizing Products

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The end of every pool season is a vital opportunity to finalize the summer’s last good swims and ensure that the following season is better. Accurate pool winterizing techniques rely on geographical location. However, closing products safeguard pools from the off-season impacts and eases the opening period. This saves on time and cash. Worry less

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