Leaders in Pool Education

Pool education is not only valuable and necessary for Vue as a company, but also for our clients! Our current knowledge and affiliations help us to inform each client on their specific pool needs. Want to learn more about what to expect as your pool is being built?

Check out the videos below for a glimpse of how a Vue Custom Pool comes to life!

Gunite and shotcrete are forms of pneumatically applied concrete, meaning they are sprayed on with a high-pressure air hose. Known for its dependable structural strength, gunite is a concrete blend of sand, cement, and water that, once it cures, becomes rock hard, forming a thick, solid structure. Crews shoot the material over a reinforcing network of steel bars. Gunite pools provide unparalleled levels of design flexibility and aesthetic quality.

Aside from filling a pool with water, pebble or plaster application day is our most exciting day! Pebble Tec, known as the “World’s Most Trusted Interior Finish,” is an aggregate interior finish that stands the test of time. When it comes to interior finishes, Pebble Tec’s longevity is unsurpassed as it is significantly more durable than plaster alone. New silicates are available that can be applied to plaster, which could be a game-changer for plaster products.

Building Inspiring Spaces

We create long lasting custom outdoor living spaces and provide functionality with truly customized design.