As winter storms wreak havoc across the states with power outages, freezing rain and potential flooding, we want you to have one less thing to worry about: your pool.

Winter weather can be unpredictable. Here’s a few recommendations from Meyco that can help your pool cover perform at peak efficiency when winter weather hits.

Before winter weather

Check your springs – Springs are the key to maintaining proper tension in your cover. Covers should be drum tight with springs compressed around 50-75%. Straps should also be pulled tight. You may need to do some adjustments to bring your cover to the correct level of tension.

Cover clean up – Your cover is designed to keep leaves and debris from falling into pools. Though not a necessity, you may want to consider using a leaf blower or driveway type broom to remove leaves and other debris from the cover surface. For mesh covers, that will help water and snow melt drain more efficiently.

After winter weather

Re-check your springs – Freezing rain, wind and snow may cause straps to loosen. It’s always a good practice to check your cover – if possible – when winter weather passes by to be sure the cover remains drum tight.

Check your pump – If you have a PermaGuard solid cover, it’s a great time to check the cover pump and be sure it’s working properly to siphon off snow melt.

Reduce the load – Meyco covers are very sturdy, however in cases of extreme snow load keeping the water level within 18” of the top of the pool is very important to reduce the stress on the cover and protect it from damage.

Call the pros –If you see any damage or issues to your cover, contact your pool professional for their expert advice.

Information originally provided by Meyco Covers.