Are you hearing annoying croaking noises from your backyard at night? Have you found dead frogs or toads in your backyard swimming pool? Do you want them to go away and stop bothering you? Then you need to learn how to keep frogs out of your pool.

Frogs and toads are attracted to your pool because there is an available food source in your backyard and a water supply in your pool. Frogs are amphibious creatures that are naturally attracted to water and will seek out your pool especially if it’s the dry season and there is little water around. Sometimes it’s simply the pool light or it’s the lush vegetation you have in your landscaping that attracts insects that frogs want to eat.

Why are Frogs in My Pool?

Frogs and toads are amphibious creatures and are naturally attracted to water. They actually need water to keep themselves alive by maintaining moisture levels in their skin. Frogs have a natural instinct to know that where there is water most likely there is food in the form of insects. So your nice big backyard pool is very attractive to frogs except that it’s really too clean for frogs and toads. Generally, they like water that is a little stagnant, full of weeds, and anywhere insects, moths, mosquitoes & flies hang out.

Do you leave a pool light on at night? You could be attracting insects to the pool which will be attracting the frogs.

Why are Frogs in my Pool a Problem?

Frogs may be useful for controlling insects and other pests in your garden but you don’t want them in your pool for health reasons. Frogs carry all sorts of bacteria and other diseases that may harm your family if they multiply in the pool water. Normally, the chlorine in the pool will kill off these contaminants but if your chlorine level is low and frogs get into the pool there could be real health issues.

The main issue with frogs and toads is that they will breed and lay thousands of eggs in your pool. If this happens you will see a cloudy mess of eggs floating on top of the water. Scoop them out with a net or let the skimmer deal with the problem and they will end up in the filter.

If you allow frogs in your pool you will inevitably end up with some dead and decaying frogs in the water – not nice for swimming!

How do I keep frogs out of the pool?

Pool Light

As already mentioned if you leave a pool light on at night that will attract insects and frogs or toads. Frogs only come out at night to eat so if there are no insects to eat they won’t like your pool. So switch off the light before you go to bed or set it on a timer to switch off automatically.

Pool Pump

Running the pool pump at night at least for some of the night will keep the water circulating (and generate chlorine if a saltwater pool) to make your pool less attractive to frogs. Frogs like stagnant water where they can catch insects. If your water is moving all night and has a chlorine taste they won’t like it.

Water Feature

Install a water feature that you can run at night to move the water around. Frogs won’t like it and will leave your pool alone. The only drawback is the noise of running water may disturb you and your neighbor.

Pool Barrier Fence

If you have a pool fence you can add a solid component to the bottom of the fence to prevent frogs and toads from hopping through the bars into the pool area. The most common barrier we see is a clear Perspex sheet about 8 inches (20cm) high attached to the bottom of the fence. If you don’t have a fence and are thinking about installing one we recommend the glass panel fences as they stop all animals from getting through as well as providing wind protection. They prevent dust and debris from blowing into the pool as well.

Chemical Barrier

Another method is to use a chemical barrier around the pool to repel frogs. Frogs hate citric acid (like common lemon juice) so spray a solution around the pool to keep them away. Spraying with a vinegar solution will also keep them away. Another way, which I don’t recommend, is to spray concentrated black coffee around the pool. However,  you may not like the smell or mess.

Clean Garden

Maintaining your garden and lawn in a tidy and trimmed state will also deter frogs because they like hiding places where they can sleep in the day.

Don’t place objects like rocks or logs in your garden where frogs can hide underneath. Cover open drain pipes or other crevices where frogs may live. If there are no hiding places for them to sleep during the day they may move on to another property.

Pool Cover

The only foolproof way to keep them out of the pool is with a pool cover. Now many owners don’t want to have to spend the money on a pool cover and have to roll it in and out every day. However, in our experience pool covers pay for themselves in a few years by keeping the pool cleaner reducing the need for filtration and chemicals, therefore, saving you money. Covers also prevent evaporation saving water.

How do I get rid of frogs in my pool?

When frogs jump into your pool they become trapped and find it difficult to get out again. There is a considerable distance from the surface of the water to the top of the paving.  This may be insurmountable for a frog to climb up and out of your pool.

Some pool owners have had success with using a “frog escape ramp” in their pool. This is simply a floating pad with a ramp that is attached to the side of your pool. You can buy these or make one yourself from scrap material. Frogs inadvertently jump into the pool and cannot get out again. The distance between the waterline and the edge of the paving is too high. It allows a frog that has jumped into the pool to climb onto the pad and climb up the ramp and out of your pool. Simply place the ramp device into the pool when you’re not using it.

Some people report that having the “creepy crawler” or robot cleaner in the pool helps frogs escape because they can climb onto the cleaner’s suction hose and out of the pool. Others report that the frog becomes trapped in the skimmer box.

Some have reported frogs and toads eating the pet food from their pets’ bowls that were left outside at night. So bring the pet bowls inside at night or clean them if leaving out.

Why do frogs die in saltwater pools?

Frogs are freshwater creatures and don’t really like a saltwater pool. However, the salinity level in saltwater pools is very low and will not really harm a frog. Chlorine and other chemicals are more likely to harm a frog. Frogs and toads are more likely to die from overexerting themselves trying to escape your pool.

Can frogs survive in chlorine?

Frogs can survive for short periods of time in a backyard pool. However, they won’t like the chlorine, salt, and other chemicals in the water. When a frog enters the water it will find out that it doesn’t like the water and try to exit the pool. Usually, frogs die in a pool due to exhaustion trying to escape and not from the chemicals.

What kills frogs instantly?

There are commercially available products to spray toads and frogs to kill them. There are other products to deter frogs and toads from hanging around the area. However, spraying concentrated citric acid such as lemon juice will kill frogs quickly.

How do I remove frogs from the drainpipe?

Are you a homeowner who has had frogs and toads croaking in the drain pipes? One simple solution is to flush the downpipe with a garden hose. If they keep coming back you can spray lemon juice into the drain. Frogs hate the citric acid and will stay away. You can try pouring a bucket of very hot or boiling water down the drain to move them on. It’s a bit cruel but solves the problem.

Final Thoughts

Most people are not bothered by frogs. They only come out at night to eat insects and keep your garden clean. However, the incessant loud croaking all night does become annoying. Try to employ a frog-friendly method to discourage frogs from taking up residence in your backyard pool. Usually, all it takes is to clean up the backyard and remove any objects or cover open drains where frogs can hide and sleep during the day.

Originally posted by Pool Care Expert