With many unable to go on vacation due to the pandemic last year, some decided to bring vacation to their own home. As a result, families and homeowners opted to install swimming pools in their backyard.

Local pool and spa companies are riding a wave of unprecedented demand that is cresting with weeks to go until the official start to summer. This demand is causing a massive backlog of orders.

Linda Eloph, the office manager at Nierman Brothers Pools and Spas, says their company is still not finished processing orders from 2020.

Infinity Pools and Stoneworks is keeping up as best as they can, according to Principal Clint Ousley. His team has already installed nine pools this year. Infinity Pools and Stoneworks installed 14 pools throughout 2020. Ousley anticipates having 30 pools installed by the end of the year.

“When we came into the pandemic, we were concerned with what’s going on like with everybody else,” said Ousley. “And it turned on we’ve seen a huge demand start there from last year to this year, we’ve doubled.”

Ousley says customers who wish to purchase a pool with their store would have to wait until late October to have it installed.

Supply chain issues are further complicating issues for local pool companies trying to catch up on orders. Ousley mentioned items like valves, heaters, and pumps are in short supply. Eloph is more concerned about the availability of chlorine, claiming that prices have spiked between 40 to 70% due to issues with nationwide suppliers.

Ousley also addressed these concerns regarding chlorine supply, urging customers not to panic buy.

“There’s chlorine out there. Please don’t buy 15 buckets and keep them in your garage. That would not help anybody,” said Ousley.

As summer inches closer, Ousley knows this wave of demand is not waning any time soon. He is still excited to give homeowners and families the opportunity to have their backyard oasis.

“This is the peak. If you make it through this year, I think we can do about anything.”

Originally posted by Wane.com.