Are you planning to build a pool or purchase a hot tub? Use this checklist to find the right professional for the job. Vue Custom Pools offers a level of craftsmanship and quality that can’t be beaten.

Use these questions to interview potential pool builders

  • Does your company hold any certification to build or design pools? If so, what are they?
  • How many years have you and your company been in business under your current ownership? Has the principal person ever closed a construction company and re-started under a new name? Has the license holder or company ever declared bankruptcy?
  • How many pools has your company installed in the time you’ve been in business?
  • Can you refer me to up to three customers your company has done business with in the last two years?
  • Is your company licensed and insured? Can you provide proof of both?
  • Do all subcontractors have active contractor’s license, General Liability coverage of at least $1M per event and Worker’s Compensation coverage?
  • Is the license holder active in the daily operations of the business?
  • Will you complete a site visit to ensure my pool project design meets the unique needs of my yard so the finished product is safe for my family and minimizes changes to the budget during construction?
  • What do you include in your design services in addition to the pool or hot tub? What is included in your design fees?
  • I want a jump rock for my kids and their friends and heard that this requires a ‘dive envelope.’ Can you explain what this is and how it will impact my pool design?
  • How will payment be handled for this project? Will checks be payable to a business or personal account? Is there a written payment schedule before work begins?
  • Will you provide start-up education and water balancing assistance?
  • Are you certified by product manufacturers and authorized to provide warranty service? *Note that some warranties are voided if product is purchased online
  • What type of materials do you use the most frequently to build pools? Fiberglass, gunite, concrete or vinyl

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