Woodcroft Community Pool

Built in 1982, this community pool was once the largest in the area; it now wanted to be the coolest. Years ago, the owners got rid of the wading pool to provide locker rooms and a fitness room for their members, but now they were missing the wading pool for members with small children. What started out as a simple wading pool attraction had to be quickly redesigned to be creatively incorporate a “renovation” to the existing pool due to flood plain survey requirements. The new design included cutting out existing traditional steps and making a large ledge with bubblers, a mushroom and flower water feature. The ledge allows for little kids to play at the features in shallow water and space for others to lounge without blocking the steps. So the older kids don’t feel left out, an aquatic climbing wall was installed in the deep end. The pool is now an attraction for families of all ages.

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Durham, NC


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